Join our community, we gather virtually on the Dark Horse Network, an online collaboration and education platform, built with the intention of bringing people together, around empowering content in a supportive environment.

Free Dark Horse Network Accounts include social profiles, group access, marketplace purchases and channel broadcast, both live and on demand. Only requirements for membership are a verified email address and adhering to the Code of Conduct.

Price ~ FREE


The Dark Horse Network CoLAB'er account opens the door to the Exchange, a vibrant platform where members collaboratively advance their visions. Unlike typical marketplaces, the Exchange prioritizes meaningful collaboration over product promotion. Members post projects needing support and showcase skills they're eager to share. This account embodies unity, propelling diverse projects forward by connecting complementary talents. It's a hub where aspirations take shape through collective effort and shared purpose.

Launch Price ~ $47 LIFETIME ACCESS*

*Price after launch ~ $47/year

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A CoLAB'er PRO account is your pathway to elevated collaboration within our ecosystem. Seamlessly connect and exchange projects and talents on the platform's dynamic Exchange. But that's just the beginning. With CoLAB'er PRO, you gain the remarkable ability to create Organizations, a hub where entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners showcase and promote their offerings in the bustling Marketplace.

Unlock the potential to sell a range of products, services, and even online courses, reaching a wider audience while leveraging the power of collaboration. And there's more: CoLAB'er PRO lets you go beyond transactions and forge meaningful connections through the creation of specialized Groups. These niche communities amplify networking opportunities, cultivating synergies and growth.

With CoLAB'er PRO, your collaborative journey takes a decisive leap forward, enabling you to connect, promote, and thrive in a vibrant and supportive environment.

Launch Price ~ $470 LIFETIME*

*Price after launch $470/yr

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