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DHP Group Membership

DHP Group: Unite for Greater Success

Step up your game with the DHP Group Membership, an opportunity to dive even deeper into the Dark Horse community.

DHP Group benefits include:

  • 🤝 Monthly Networking Events: Connect with fellow DHP Group Members during exclusive monthly networking events, forging valuable connections and collaborations.
  • 👥 DHP Group Workshops: Engage in enriching workshops tailored to your growth and success within the Dark Horse community.
  • 🌐 Enhanced Visibility: Be recognized as a DHP Group Member on the Dark Horse Network, showcasing your commitment to excellence and growth.
  • 🎟️ VIP Level Tickets: Attend our prestigious DHP Events as a VIP, gaining exclusive insights and experiences.
  • 🚀 CoLABer Pro Subscription: Access to the powerful Dark Horse Network's CoLABer Pro Subscription, a gateway to a world of knowledge and collaboration.
  • 🎁 DHP Swag: Showcase your Dark Horse pride with exclusive merchandise and swag.
  • 💰 Marketplace Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on handpicked products and services available on the Dark Horse Network marketplace.

The DHP Group level membership offers the highest level of access and benefits within the Dark Horse Network collaboration and education platform. In addition to the features included in the Supporting Membership level, DHP Group members receive monthly DHP Group networking events, providing them with opportunities to connect with other members of the community on a regular basis.

DHP Group members also receive two yearly workshops, which are specifically designed to help them further their education and career. These workshops provide access to expert speakers, valuable insights, and practical strategies for success.

In addition, DHP Group members have multiple promotional opportunities, allowing them to increase their visibility within the DHP community and beyond. As a DHP Group Member, they are prominently listed on the Dark Horse Network platform, giving them increased recognition within the community.

This membership level is ideal for individuals who are dedicated to their professional development and are looking for exclusive access to networking events, workshops, and promotional opportunities within the DHP community.


The DHP Group is a yearly membership, however for a limited time, there is an option to purchase a lifetime membership for $9997.

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